Paper Folding Machines

With paper folding speeds of up to 12 A0 pages per minute, a variety of fold sizes and tab applicators, ROWE will compliment your existing wide-format print requirements. Whether it is off-line or on-line! With an open and easy to use interface, ROWE offers possibilities to the plot and repro manager to adjust for each plan, using the appropriate paper folding mode.

  • ROWE 721-4

    ROWE 721-4

    The ROWE 721-4 Paper Folding System

    • Automated fan and cross folding in one step
    • Fan folding up to 6000mm
    • Exact folding results, with high volume ability
    • Direct connection to printers with standard offline feed
    • Folding speed : 20 m/min
    • Automatic tab applicator

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  • ROWE Variofold Compact

    ROWE Variofold Compact

    High tech paper folding systems

    • Fan and cross folding in two steps
    • Exact folding results with high volume ability
    • Folding speed : 20m/min
    • Easy operation and handling

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