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Nothing but Excellence in Large Format Printers?

ROWE Repro Systems SA is a division of the RBS group of companies, founded in 1986. ROWE SA came on board in 2005 and have since grown into a company that boasts many products rated number one in our industry.

ROWE SA are specialists in large format printing systems. We’re like fine craftsmen when it comes to providing you with the best large format printersCAD printerslarge format plotterslarge format scannerslarge format copiers trimmers,  and large format folding systems. There’s virtually no substitute for ROWE’s German engineered precision reprographic systems.

Large Format Plotters to Large Format Scanners

“Unbeatable performance in large format printers and plotting technology.”

Our large format colour printingcolour scanners and colour copiers are perfect for GIS companiesarchitect firms, design firms, engineering companies, manufacturing and mining companies who demand excellence in large format printing equipment.

Meet the Team

Our personnel are highly motivated, experienced and skilled to see to your every large format printing need.

  • Ian Irvine-Fortescue

    Ian Irvine-Fortescue


    With over 40 years experience in the large format printing and office automation industry, and an uncompromising eye for detail and perfection, Ian leads the team from the front. Always available to meet and listen to our valued clients.

  • Riaan Bezuidenhout

    Riaan Bezuidenhout

    National Service Manager

    As a member of the RBS Group for over 17 years, Riaan is a stalwart for reliable customer service. His work ethic and problem solving skills are unmatched in an era of impersonal service.

  • Preshen Madhoo

    Preshen Madhoo

    Director of Software Solutions

    With over 20 years experience in the service industry, Preshen has extensive knowledge in cost recovery software, service admin, network troubleshooting and scan/archiving solutions. With a degree in computer engineering Preshen lives and breathes the digital area.

  • Siva Pillay

    Siva Pillay

    Operations Director

    His ability to proactively manage the operational aspects of a multifaceted business, with a cool under pressure demeanour, ensures that all our Rowe customers get the service they expect. Siva is a founding employee of the RBS group and is now a decision making share-holder giving you the assurance of a BEE partner that can deliver!

Consider ROWE for all your Large Format Printing Needs

With all the experience, an attitude full of enthusiasm and a desire to perform at the top levels of service delivery, ROWE SA are the perfect people to partner with. Let Rowe SA show you what service is:

  1. Guaranteed service turnarounds
  2. Integrated software solutions
  3. Flexible finance and service packages
  4. Customisable machine configurations

Get in touch with our ROWE large format printing specialists today, to join our many clients who have experienced the uncompromising personalised service ROWE South Africa has to offer.

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